RGB by Mikkapedia


Mikka Byarugaba is an experimental artist based in Sydney, Australia. Under the pseudonym, MIKKAPEDIA, he explores the depths of digital perception. MIKKAPEDIA’s work is an ever evolving medium of digital output, playing with the aspects of connection in a tangible space.

Working with Arts-Matter and The Culture Valut, MIKKAPEDIA’s first solo exhibition was titled ‘RGB’. His focus was to integrate tangible and digital artwork - creating pieces that he refers to as “phygital art”. MIKKAPEDIA focused on collaborative technologies to create unique and interactive artworks. Under the title FLUX, Mikka utilised depth sensor & an early 00’s camera to display the silhouette of well known contemporary dancer, Rhys Kosakowski, onto DSee.lab hologram fans. The DSee.lab hologram fans energetically filled the intimate mirrored space - a perfect home for the light filled works.

Each piece from RGB is available for purchase as an NFT and tactile art piece/ phygital holographic installation via The Culture Vault - an NFT curated platform and creative agency co-founded by Michelle Grey. Who describes MIKKAPEDIA as “a master at bringing together multiple creative elements to produce genre-bending artworks”.

MIKKAPEDIA works continuously on new forms to showcase his art in a more tangible way. Incorporating elements of the future with his digital medium alongside a more traditional delivery of art. Together, he has created a palatable representation of the digital world of art, for those unfamiliar with its presence, and successfully appealed to the next generation who are ready for the future consumption of digital media/art. RGB encouraged discussion around how we consume digital media, and the future consumption of digital media. With his play on animation, colour and perception, the technology of the holographic fans give the viewer a new means of consuming digital reality.

Can you tell me a bit about your latest show RGB? What was the inspiration and theme of the exhibition?

RGB (red, green, blue) is the colour model used to display images on all electronic systems. The colours when combined can obtain any colour in the visible spectrum. In this, RGB is a deconstruction of our digital perception, it is looking at digital art in the most foundational sense through the building blocks of colour.

Why hologram fans and NFTs, what about both of these mediums excites you most?

Utilising the new technology of the holographic fans I'm able to give the viewer a means of consuming our digital reality, a new means of viewing RGB. This is what excites me the most about the medium. As with NFT's, it gives me a new means to share my art.

How was the show received?

Very well, lots of curiosity about the devices, as well as how the artworks were made, which ultimately encourage a lot of discussion.

What are you working on now, and what's next for Mikkapedia?

A 2 month hiatus, after that I want to play with different spaces, showing the fan in different contexts.

Which artists are inspiring you at the moment and why?

Ib Kamara, an amazing creative, have always looked up to him since I started my creative endeavours.


3D ArtistMikka Byarugaba
PhotographerSimon Lekias
Features & Special Projects EditorMichelle Grey-Campion