i-so with Ribal Hosn


A twisted iso journey. Multi-disciplinary artist Ribal Hosn takes us behind the veil.

Can you tell me a bit about some of the images in this collection - their inspiration, creative process, random facts?

Regarding inspiration, it’s hard to say that it was anything besides the desire to "not do nothing". I ended up watching so much anime during lockdown and looking at the imagery now, I can definitely see how much it found its way into the work. In general, given the circumstances, I really wanted to lean into the restrictions and see what could be created with the absolute minimum team and amenities, which was pretty fun - kinda had no "concepts" and thought "okay, let’s just see what happens?!" In thinking that, I just experimented with everything across the tech spectrum; from polaroids all the way to VR.

How did lockdown affect your creative mindset? Were you more prolific? Did you try different things or learn new tricks?

I was in post-production for a few projects during the first part of lockdown and definitely produced a lot during that period. However, once lockdown was for real I definitely noticed the change in motivation - like I’m sure everyone did. I did have my bunnies Mob and Psycho keeping me company so that was cool hanging with them every day. It wasn't until some random Tuesday where I woke up and just decided ‘f*ck it, I’m gonna learn 3D’. So I sat down and went through all those boring (but necessary) tutorials and just started to play…to be honest it was the most fun I've had in ages because I felt like a kid on a playground exploring an entirely new universe…I think it totally re-conceptualised the way I think about the whole creative process.

What's next? Now that the lockdown has lifted will you return to your pre-lockdown life or have some things changed permanently?

More novelty! Working commercially is great and allows you to do so much, but I think I realised it had been years since I had created any personal work or just had random fun with creative experimentation. Moving forward I know that I want to create more long form films and also am going to allow myself more time to explore the 3D and tech-based world and see how they can integrate into my work. And probably try and sleep more…


Features & Special Projects EditorMichelle Grey-Campion