Grace by Blair Gauld


Sensory overload. A rush of colour, of sound. Everything is deeply saturated, bathed in Californian light that slightly yellows all it touches – you’re not sure whether you’re in the present or the past.

American lives up to its personality. Louder than life, with a soft underbelly only the locals are attuned to. This was Blair Gauld’s photographic exploration, set within the cultural framework of 4th of July – about the moments in-between, where the bright lights big city façade fades to black and reveals a hidden romance. A warmth. A sense of pride, in the least obnoxious sense. Community. The suburbs. How we care for one another in the smallest of gestures. Grace, in actions and within oneself.

What is the American dream? In a constant state of flux for all - but maybe that’s the whole point.

The dream is whatever you think it is.

“Images from a series photographed in 2019, exhibiting June 2022”