AFFISCH by Linnea Gröndahl


I started AFFISCH as I felt there was a real lack of accessible art that I wanted to purchase. I’m sure all of us have found ourselves in a new home and thought, “might be nice to have something on my walls” only to find yourself in a deep-dive of some random poster/art website with a true lack of style, or even worse, scratching our heads at a particular price point.

Photography, to me, feels like a natural option. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over ten years and ultimately, I've found myself quite akin to the artform. I honestly feel there is a gap in the market, a lack of curation and accessibility to reasonably priced photography works. AFFISCH is a platform that provides the link between artists & the collector/admirer.


MARLEE PASSINETTI PAUSE - “It had been a while since we had been fully submerged in water, I watched as Sam swam. London, late Autumn.”


DREW WHEELER AMMAN AT SUNSET - "I took this image one afternoon in Amman, wasn't the easiest to find a rooftop to get the vista that I was looking for. I found a hotel that had a "bar" on their rooftop. I remember the manager being really interested in my camera. He let us use the rooftop to take some pictures at sunset. The colours of the warm green light came up really beautiful and I just love the detail in this image.”

DREW WHEELER 'MOZZIE' - "This is a shot of a mosquito lounging on a salt rock in the dead sea, Israel.”

DREW WHEELER 'FUDEH LOVE' - “I met this local Bedouin whilst camping in Wadi Rum, I remember, he liked drinking extremely sugary tea. I noticed he had a cool tattoo so I asked if I could take a photo of it. Love the fonts and the Aladin'esk sword.”

DREW WHEELER SPEED WEED - “I mean "Speed Weed, Dead in a Day" What more can I say.”

ISA SANCHEZ ON THE RUN - 'Something I really enjoy doing when I arrive at a new place is people watching. Even the most ordinary activities can look so attractive and photogenic when you are placed in a new environment. Sometimes only the fresh new eyes are able to see the magic happening around them. I took this picture during one of my first visits to Bondi in 2015'

JEDD COONEY IT'S A WRAP - "Wrapped cargo on the Greek island of Sifnos, which is known for its pottery. The oldest potteries were found in the central regions to avoid pirate attacks. "

JEDD COONEY CABIN PRESSURE - "Soft plastic, in flight from Rome to Athens. A homage to William Eggelston’s famous glass on plane image. I only had a few seconds to capture the refracting sunlight before the plane banked to the left, away from the sun.”



TalentLinnea Gröndahl
ArtistsMarlee Passinetti, Drew Wheeler, Isa Sanchez, Jedd Cooney, Michael Brunt, Julian Schulz
ProductionOrder Productions