Order Magazine: Tell us how you got your big break?

“In January of 2019 during the holidays, I put in an application with Busy Models to see if I could get some work doing a few jobs here and there while I was studying – then two weeks later I signed with Two Management in LA and two weeks after that, was flying to Paris to do a fitting for Givenchy. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up walking their show but I booked Dior and Valentino's show in Paris fashion week and also shot for Calvin Klein the same week.”

Order Magazine: We hear you’re quite the car aficionado; what’s your dream ride?

“I love cars and going to car shows/meets. I’m super into old 80s and 90s Japanese cars - also known as JDM cars. I also love drifting and going to the drifting events, (although I have not done it myself). My dream car would be a Nissan 180sx but I also love the old Subaru gc8 wrx and a lot of Hondas including the crx, nsx and the type r’s.”

Order Magazine: Do you ever feel pressure from the industry on fitting in physically? How do you deal with that?

“Growing up I’ve always been pretty healthy. Obviously, as a model, you’re meant to keep your body in peak physical shape but for me, I focus on where I want my mental and physical health to be personally and strive for that. I believe that if my mental and physical health is good, I will be more confident and happy within myself and that will be something that will come through in my work and with the people I work with.”

Order Magazine: How have you adjusted to your new lifestyle on a personal level?

“I was with my last boyfriend for 6 years before breaking up right before moving to Sydney last year (2021). This was 2 or 3 months before Sydney went into lockdown because of Covid. I had not seen my family during that period and did not have any friends or family in Sydney at the time. It’s been an extremely hard period of my life but I had amazing agents who really supported me on a personal level as well as my career and met some beautiful people in the modelling industry who have supported and made me feel looked after during the whole thing. From this experience, I feel I’ve really grown as a person and have made some amazing lifelong friends who I would call family.

I’ve always been super close with my family and had strong family values. They are extremely supportive in everything with my sister and me and have supported me through my modelling journey. They have always kept me grounded and taught me to be very open-minded.”

Order Magazine: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“By next year I hope to be back overseas, working with some of the top fashion brands in the industry while completing my bachelor. Within 5 years, I would like to have bought my first house which I’d like to purchase for my parents and hopefully have bought my dream car - a Nissan 180sx. I’d also like to have finished my degree and started to work on conservation projects.”

Order Magazine: What’s a life lesson you’ve learnt recently?

“I think the world has taught me to be myself and just be kind and treat everyone with respect. You never know what anyone is going through and being a lovely person really doesn’t take much effort but it can make a great deal of difference to someone else. I wouldn’t say that we weren’t well off growing up, we had an amazing childhood, our parents always tried to give us the best of everything and support us in every way possible. It is always little things like this that made me look up to my parents and made me strive to be a better person.

I do trust easily and tend to give 100% in any relationship, whether it’s romantic, friendship or even professional - this has led to me being burnt a few times by people, however I’ve learnt that you come in and out of people’s lives for a reason as they do for you. If you can learn to accept that there are things you can’t control but positively respond to them then your life will be a lot easier than being upset or angry about the situation.”

LOOK ONE - Maggie Marilyn Blazer and Trousers.

LOOK TWO - Stylist's Own Leather Jacket, Wolford Tights, Saint Laurent Heels.

LOOK THREE - Valentino Jacket, Top and Shorts. Stylist's Own Boots.

LOOK FOUR - Vintage Coat, Lonely Bodysuit.


TalentMadi Weik @ Merci Management
PhotographerLuke Dubbelde
StylistEmma Read
Make-up ArtistMikele Simone
Hair StylistAnthony Nader using Sisley Paris
Production Order Productions